Buying other companies and businesses; selling part of your own business; achieving your exit strategy by the sale of your own company – these are the most important steps in the development of your business. But often directors about to make acquisitions or disposals feel unprepared and unsupported. That is why you will need a team of experienced M&A professionals to guide you through the transaction and bring it to a successful completion.

Whether your M&A transaction is an MBO, a bolt-on acquisition, the purchase of a business out of insolvency or the eventual sale of your own business, Oxford Capital Management will provide you with all the professional support that you will need.

We will take the time to thoroughly understand your business so that we can give you prompt, straight forward and economical solutions to the difficult issues that you will face as the transactions progress. Because we act for both buyers and sellers, we will understand the issues that you will face from both sides of the table.

You will have the support of the Oxford team. In addition, we will be assisted by lawyers in all the specialist fields that you will need during the transaction including intellectual property, IT, tax, employment, pensions, share schemes and real estate.

What are the benefits of acquisition and disposal services?

  • Oxford Capital Management will save you the time and resources typically invested into searching for potential targets or buyers.
  • To fund acquisitions and mergers, Oxford Capital can introduce the tailored funding solution to improve your business’ cash flow.
  • We’ll work with you throughout the process of disposing of a business.
  • We can help facilitate the entire acquisition or disposal process.

Are acquisition and disposal services right for my business?

The expertise Oxford Capital Management provides in the buy/sell market will ensure your business gains access to the right deal, keeping your working capital free to reinvest into further business opportunities and continuing to search the market for acquisition and disposal opportunities.